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Social Media Automation

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Social Media Automation by NewzSocial

Social Media Automation

Social Media Automation

Proactive Social Media Marketing

NewzSocial is a social media automation platform that enables companies to execute social media marketing campaigns to establish thought leadership and spark audience engagement. The platform consists of content curation, social campaign management, and analytic tools. The NewzSocial process starts with the automated aggregation of internal and external content. Selection of high-value content triggers campaign rules and workflow that transform the selection into audience targeted social messages that can be amplified across the enterprise.

Social media is about participation and engagement. Best practice marketing interaction needs to be the same. More than "listen and respond", marketers need to proactively gain their voice for topics that reinforce their brand principles.

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The Process For Success

4 Integrated Steps

  1. Organize - Identify specific audiences, their location in the social world, topics that interest them and members of your team who can best represent your ideas to them. These actions create a campaign.
  2. Find - Using web or mobile apps, your team can easily scan through on-topic articles and blog content for the very best ideas that align with your brand and thought leadership objectives. These actions identify the high-value ideas you'd like to share with your audience.
  3. Share - Selected content triggers campaign based rules and launches pre-determined campaign based message posting and approval workflow's. These actions deliver an amplified, proactive message to your audience, while ensuring brand consistency and compliance.
  4. Measure - Real-time analytics surface the results of each campaign, allowing for in-depth analysis. These actions enable optimization of message selection, team member influence and social location impact based upon audience action.
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Social Media Automation Process

Social Media Automation flow

How It Works

A New Paradigm

NewzSocials' Social Media Automation presents an entirely new way to think through a longtime problem... "how do I become proactive in my social media outreach, scale engagement?"

Most people believe todays' best practice is to either reactively "listen and respond" or invest in the training and authorization of a small team to represent the brand in social engagement. These options are constrained by the reality that most companies do not have enough good ideas or content to share and the perception that processes need to be manual. These mistaken beliefs make it either incredibly expensive or impossible to scale social engagement.

Social Media Automation is a platform that...

1. Continually sources interesting things to share.
No longer are you resource constrained to cover just high-level brand topics. This platform enables marketers to scale the number of topics using existing personnel, or dramatically increase the number of topics by enabling others in the organization who have varied interests: product teams, vertical sales organizations, human resources and others.
2. Activates multiple teams to source and deliver a range of ideas.
Scale is the key. Moving beyond core concepts or press releases, Social Media Automation allows you to be in-market with the best and most engaging content for your audiences. Also, NewzSocial provides brand and governance guardrails that help you ensure the right voice and process are used to represent your organization. And, just in case, we provide an audit trail of all messages sent.
3. Delivers robust campaign functionality that helps you scale the distribution of your content.
With the larger flow of good ideas comes the need for a larger framework of distribution. Enter your social ambassador’s.  NewzSocial’s campaign infrastructure triggers automated workflow and process yet provides the ability for each message to be edited prior to approval and posting.
4. Speaks to specific needs of key influencers.
One size does not fit all, and neither should your content strategy. To truly activate your influencers, deliver ideas that fit with their needs yet support your key brand concepts. These ideas need to be specific, not broad brand generalizations, and the process of finding and continually supporting them requires a Social Media Automation platform.
5. Engages a larger and more active audience base.
Scaling of topics covered and points of distribution activates influencers and expands reach and engagement of your audience.

If your goal is to become proactive and increase your influence and presence in top of funnel social activity, Social Media Automation is the answer. Request a demo today and see for yourself how this great technology innovation can work for you in your business.
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For Individuals and Businesses

Solutions For Individuals

Free for individuals, you can now expand your social presence and test the foundational concepts of Social Media Automation for yourself.

  • Includes: Individual account, ability to create an unlimited number of personalized "channels" to source content, and access to share ideas as an individual into Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Free tools: Web app, iPad app, and mobile app to manage your social media automation.
  • Overview: Discover special interest topics from friends or across 500+ popular channels that are preconfigured. You can also generate personalized topics and share them with your friends. They can then share with their friends. Then, as you find great articles and blog entries, automatically share them through your social channels.

Create your free account and start your social media automation experience today!

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Solutions For Businesses

Enterprise-class social media automation

In addition to the elements found in Solutions For Individuals, Business clients can fully connect their enterprise, and create, manage and optimize their outbound social program. Enterprise-classs social media automation fully connects individuals to participate in campaign-based generation of awareness and engagement in social channels.:

You can now:

  • Establish Strategic Influence And Amplify Your Reach
  • Leverage and extend social connections across your enterprise
  • Permission-based access to social connections of employees, partners, supporters
  • Content, rules, branding, all scheduled and automated to post across social connections
  • Enhance your social messaging across multiple touch points
  • Influence customers, thought leaders and analysts

Currently in limited roll-out, we'd love to connect with you to see how Social Media Automation can help your business.

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A social media eco-system for people to create, promote, manage, and influence targeted audiences across social media

build awareness and engagement

About Us

NewzSocial is a Social Media Automation solution. We enable marketers to proactively spark audience engagement, build brand awareness and establish thought leadership in social channels. Our Social Media Automation platform does this by solving the problems of scalability, measurement, brand compliance and governance.

Enterprises are investing in Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing in order to engage and influence earlier in the buying process. The reason for this is at least 60% of the traditional prospect decision-making cycle is completed prior to connecting directly with the business. NewzSocial activates a key channel for buyer early process research and discovery, social media. We enable marketers and their agencies to collect, curate, and stream internal, external, relevant and timely information to targeted personas. Key to the process of social media automation is the platform that can automate these campaign-based processes and create social media ambassadors of employees and partners.

The NewzSocial iPad app was released in late 2012 and generated global-wide adoption by consumers for creating their own information channels. Currently in beta release, NewzSocial has developed a full suite of enterprise solutions, known as social media automation.


  • Anand Jagannathan

    Anand Jagannathan

    CEO & Founder

    Successful serial entrepreneur Anand is providing the vision and the leadership for how social media automation enables businesses to build their social brand and establish strategic influence with prospective customers. He has founded and led four successful companies prior to NewzSocial, two of which have gone public – Banyan Systems (BNYN, networking pioneer) and Responsys (MKTG, leader in online marketing), and two which were acquired – Reach Software (workflow and email) and iStorez (online shopping). He holds 3 patents in computer technology. Anand received a Ph.D. and Masters in Computer Science from Rice University, and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT/K), Kanpur.

  • Jeff Leroux

    Jeff Leroux

    Sales & Services

    Committed to creating value for clients, Jeff drives outstanding customer service, opportunity development, marketing, and sales. An expert in CRM, SaaS, and inspirational team leader, he has held senior leadership roles in Sales, Service, and Operations for Photoworks, Spoke Software, and Responsys. He began his career in Software and Services Consulting, where led teams to triple in size and a 10X increase in revenue. Jeff holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with Honors from the University of Manitoba, Canada.

  • Mark Ogne

    Mark Ogne

    Marketing, Product & Partnerships

    A marketing veteran with global experience and 5 startups under his belt, Mark has scaled many businesses through his deep experience in corporate marketing strategy, social media, web / digital strategy, content marketing, demand gen and marketing partnerships. Mark previously held marketing leadership and general management roles at: Acxiom Corporation, Kefta, RingCentral, and Onvia. He is recognized in our industry as a thought leader, with advisory and judging seats at: DMA, DMA Echo Awards, Forrester, and IAC.

  • Shum Mukherjee

    Shum Mukherjee


    Managing finances, Shum Mukherjee has been CFO for numerous emerging technology firms, including Droisys, Immersion, OpenTV, Genus, and E*Trade International. He holds a Masters in Management from MIT Sloan School of Management, a Masters in Mathematics from IIT Kanpur and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from St. Xavier’s College.

  • Shastri Purushotma

    Shastri Purushotma

    Business Development

    Having lived on four continents, Shastri leads successful client implementations. Contributing author of compelling content for the Washington Post and the Huffington Post, he previously led Professional Services as a founding member of Responsys, and drove Worldwide Sales at Reach Software, also as part of the founding team. Most recently, he worked around the world as a human rights officer. Shastri received both an MBA in Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Santa Clara University.


  • Anubhav Saxena

    Anubhav Saxena

    Senior Vice President & Global Head, Business Marketing and Strategic Alliances, HCL Technologies

    Global responsibility for building, influencing and generating HCLT’s topline, bottom-line and C-SAT growth for the company. Leads Marketing, Business Development, Advisory, Strategy, Influencer Relations, Alliances and Private Equity for all Horizontals and all Verticals of HCL Technologies. Previously with Wipro.

  • Rob Israch

    Rob Israch

    Vice President Global Marketing Programs, NetSuite

    Leads NetSuite’s worldwide marketing programs, overseeing all demand generation, brand building, and international marketing activities, and managing a team of 19. Previously with Intuit and GE and inventor/founder of PocketBay.

  • Stephan Steiner

    Stephan Steiner

    Head of Marketing Technology, SAP

    Global business technology leader, successfully transforming and growing SAP’s business through Marketing technology strategy, innovation and adoption. Previously with Business Objects, Symantec, ePeople and Manor AG. Serves on MOCCA (Marketing Operations Cross-Company Alliance) Advisory Board, President of the San Francisco Golden Gate Swiss Club, and Member of the IDC Marketing Operations Client Board.

  • Mike Wilson

    Mike Wilson

    Principal, Industrial Innovation Partners

    Leads private equity investments and value-oriented buying with systematized professional business building. Previously with Dynasty, Uniface, Ingres, UCC.

  • Des Cahill

    Des Cahill

    Chief Marketing Officer, Kerio Technologies

    A SaaS B2B CMO based in Silicon Valley and a guest blogger writing on digital and data driven marketing, Des leads all marketing efforts for Kerio. Previously with Ensighten, Element Group, Decisyon, Habeas, BridgeSpan, AOL, Autonomy, Apple.

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