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Go for it, get your free account today! In the cloud, you can build your social media presence from your computer, iPad or iPhone. Team up with your friends to find the best ideas and then share them to your social connections – across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Simply follow the instructions below.

Get Started Guide

Social Media Automation Solutions for Individuals

Create An Account

Step #1 – Go to the account holder site and click “Sign-Up”.

Step #2 – Register for an account. It’s important that you use your business email account.

Step #3 – Verify your registration – go to your business email account and click the email message from NewzSocial. If you do not see it in your inbox within a few moments, please check your junkmail folder. To ensure you receive all future messages and alerts, please whitelist NewzSocial.


Step #1 – Log in to your account holder site and search for content that interests you and your audience. Simply click the magnifying glass in the upper right of the screen. Enter as many keywords as you’d like, separate thoughts using a comma. Similar to the major search engines, continue to adjust keywords until you get a good results set. To keep this first experience simple, use the default “articles” selection.

Step #2 – When you get the results set that you were expecting, click “Follow” to add this query as an saved topic, referred to as “Channel” on the interface. Enter a title and description. You can repeat these first two steps as many times as you would like, saving as many topics (Channels) as you need.

Step #3 – Connect your social accounts. Log in to your account holder site and click avatar picture in the upper right of the screen. Select “Profile” and then select each social network and connect them to your NewzSocial account. This will enable social sharing.

Social Sharing

Step #1 – Log into your account and browse through topics you are following. Click on articles that interest you, a new tab will open and you can examine the content as much as you care. Close the tabs when you are done reading.

Step #2 – When you find an article you would like to share, from the Follow screen hover over the article and four options will appear: Clip, Curate, Share, and comment. Click the “+” sign to Share the article and the Share screen layer will appear.

Step #3 – Select the social networks to which you would like to share. You can edit the message and share from this screen.

Using the Bookmarklet

Step #1 – Drag and Drop the ‘Pipe It’ Bookmarklet from this page to your Browser bookmarks bar.

Step #2 – Connect the Bookmarklet to your NewzSocial account by Signing in using Facebook, Linked In, Twitter or with email and password.

Step #3 – When you view an article in your browser that you want to curate or share, click on the Bookmarklet link in your bookmarks bar. In the resulting pop-up, click on the Curate button (text displays on a hover) to curate the article into one of the channels that you are curating along with your comment. Click on the Share button to share the article on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter or by Email.