Alice in Social Media Land: 5 Social Media Marketing Lessons learnt

Alice’s adventures have always been, let’s say interesting, to say the least. Recently, she has stumbled upon Social Media in Wonderland, at the infamous tea party, the Queen of Heart’s Croquet game, and in her other ample wanderings.   So, some of her simple takeaways may be the following:   “We're all mad here.” ― Cheshire Cat   There is a kind of madness about social media, with its constant morphing and dizzying identities. Post, share, like, unlike, comment, etc. can become an addictive habit very quickly. So, getting curious about social media is a go … [Read more...]

Yoga, Stress, Work (& Social Media): 3 Best Practices to Keep in Mind

I work at a social media software company and teach yoga to kids & families. While I work, I often sit on a Swiss ball, do some stretches, breathe deeply, and remind myself that we are all connected in some mysterious way. This refuels me throughout my day. I try and bring my yoga practice into my work to help make the days smoother and more productive. So, here are my top 3 best practices that combine yoga and work:   1. Breathe: Breathing is life. Breathing is almost everything. Take some deep breaths. We automatically tend to hold our breath when stressed. We have to tea … [Read more...]

Your checklist for implementing social media. 9 checks for navigating the “rocks” and “crocs”.

It does not really matter if you are a large company or a small start-up, it is essential to plan for implementation of social media marketing. It can assist in navigating the murky waters of social media- the hidden “rocks” and lurking “crocodiles” hungry for “hapless” posts. So, some “check lists” or best practices for successfully implementing social media within your company may be very useful. o Create an Outline Figure out the needs of your audience. Some trail and error may be required for this. But, make an effort and get some clues. Next, design a straw man for your social … [Read more...]

Simple ways to BOOST your career with Social Media: 4 Best Practices

We are all on Social Media today, it seems. LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, Facebook. Timelines, Pages, Handles. Likes, Shares, Tweets, Retweets, Comments. Engaging in social media has become a must for all career generations, from younger Millennials who are entering or building their careers to Baby Boomers, who may be at the tail end of their career or going into a second one. So what 4 things can you do with social media to boost your career? What are some best practices? YOU ASK? USE! It is not enough just signing up for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media accounts. … [Read more...]

Brand Advocates as your marketing strategy. But, who?

Marketers, what is the one marketing tool you know of that works out the best for you? What about one that has been proven time and again to never fail? Now, how about both? For me, that one tool is word-of-mouth marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing was never invented, instead just existed because people love to share information with others! The power of word-of-mouth marketing should never be underestimated. Just think how many times we turn to our friends for advice when we need help in making a purchase decisions or why we chose Brand X over Brand Y just because we trust our friends' … [Read more...]

9 Best Practices in Social Outbound Marketing Campaigns: Becoming a Master Puppeteer

Can a social media marketer learn from a master puppeteer? I think so. A master puppeteer steers his puppets to captivate the audience while communicating a story. A marketer can use social media in a similar fashion to engage and possibly enthrall the audience. It would help the social media marketer to adopt some best practices in “outbound social media campaigns” to get better engagement. For a start, here’s a list of 9 best practices that I think are worthwhile. 1. Always begin with the end in mind. Remember Stephen Covey and “The 7 habits of highly effective people”? This is habit … [Read more...]

Human touch is critical in social media engagement

Social media is a visceral, human, personal medium In social media, people contribute, create and comment... not just read or listen. From a marketing perspective, it's a "pull" environment where people vote on (engage with) what they find interesting. To that end, social media marketers can only be successful if they participate on the same level, executing on the focus of providing value to specific audiences. The result of those efforts should be measured by the "echo" evoked. Instead of impressions and number of followers, success should be measured by response to the contributions... the  … [Read more...]

The Power of Social Media Ambassadors for Events

Peter Drucker once said "the purpose of business is to create and keep a customer".   For someone organizing an event, you could apply the same logic and say that "the purpose of an event is to create and engage an audience".  Social media is an extremely effective tool for this purpose, yet many businesses are only in the earliest stages of learning to leverage.  At NewzSocial, we are working with a set of customers who are blazing a new trail of ways to "create and engage" audiences using social media on a much wider scale around their events. One example is the South Asian Heart Center, a … [Read more...]

Outbound Social Media Marketing Explained

Anand Jagannathan describes NewzSocial. Yesterdays approach to building a social presence and listening to conversations is outdated. Today, marketers need to understand how to reach and engage social audiences. Beyond "Paid" media strategies to achieve this objective, NewzSocial has created a campaign based platform that brings together content, replicable process and scaled social distribution to achieve a "Earned" engagement at scale.   We call this Outbound Social Media Marketing … [Read more...]

The power of the consumer, and that of the marketer.

"I rarely surf and mainly search." Sounds familiar? Sounds like you when you are on the Internet? Well, you're not alone. This quote was shared by Lynda Kate Smith, CMO of Twilio, in a marketing class where she lectured on the topic of social media marketing. The quote is extracted from a longer one by Paul Gillin which he uses to describe customers online behaviour in reaction to marketing tactics on both traditional and online mediums. Here's the full (long) quote: “Hear me marketers for I am your worst nightmare. Although I could be your best friend. Over the past year, I have alm … [Read more...]