New Social Media Technology

Social media brands have to be on their toes staying up-to-date with the latest developments and strategically investing resources into technology trends that are likely to be embraced by the customer. 5 new trends in social media technology for 2015-2016 are: Social Media Commerce- SCommerce A budding trend is to link social media and eCommerce, allowing users to purchase on networking sites. This seems logical enough with the massive growth in both social media and eCommerce. One would assume that a collaborative effort between the two industries can yield very positive results for … [Read more...]

Social Media for Business to Business Companies

The value of using social media for business to business (B2B) companies has not always been understood, and it has been hard for them to fully exploit the power of social media for their benefit. Social media marketing is viewed to be more applicable to business to consumer (B2C) companies as oppose to B2B companies. However social media marketing is becoming one of the most effective ways for B2B companies to market online. Here are some ways your B2B Company can use social media. For business networking and development Social media is a great way to start and grow your … [Read more...]

Social Media for Business Benefits

Many areas of a business’s growth and success can be accelerated with social media when integrated to a company’s marketing efforts. However, some businesses still do not see the need for social media integration as they are not convinced of the benefits. Below are 5 social media marketing advantages that will change your mind. Better understanding of your consumers. Social media provides a valuable channel to learn more about your consumers via social listening. You are able to gather valuable insights on how they behave and what they are interested in. You can then apply this … [Read more...]

Social Media for Business Benefits

What is Employee Advocacy? Employee advocacy is a form of marketing where employees take up the role of social advocacy for their company. As advocates, employees are an extension of the company’s beliefs and their marketing efforts. On social media, employees can now widely influence their friends, family, connections and followers with just the click of a button. Employee advocacy is an up-and-coming social media trend.Employee advocacy is a form of marketing where employees take up the role of social advocacy for their company. As advocates, employees are an extension of the company’s … [Read more...]

7 Key Social media marketing tips For Companies

In the current digital era, many companies are hopping on the ‘social media bandwagon’ to better connect with their stakeholders. As a company, would you not want to improve your social media marketing? Do you know what are the best social media marketing tips and tools out there that can be useful for your company? Here are potentially 7 of the best and most practical ways to improve engagement and content strategy on social media. 1. Focus Establish an overarching digital marketing goal so that every online strategy and tactic will be aligned to support it. This resolve will give your … [Read more...]

NewzSocial Powers Social Media for WITI Summit 2015

Women in Technology (WITI) Summit 2015   The WITI conference, one of the prominent conferences for women professionals globally, recently took place in Silicon Valley on May 31- June 2, 2015. Over 1000 professionals attended with keynote speakers including prominent business women from iconic technology related companies. Events included speaker sessions, coaching circles, startup village, executive auction, hall of fame inductee dinner, and EXPO/Exhibition of companies.   Keynote speakers included academy award winning actress and humanitarian, Patricia Arquette, who gave a … [Read more...]

So, what is disrupting the publishing industry?

  On Aug. 5, 2013, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos purchased The Washington Post, an act that shook the newspaper industry. This act cemented the trend of digitization of the publishing industry and the rise of new models for news consumption. The publishing industry is presently in the midst of a major technological shift in which, increasingly, news and entertainment are being distributed on social networks and consumed on mobile devices As a rule of thumb, the decay rate for old content is increasing nearly as fast as the creation rate for new content. Consumers' appetites for … [Read more...]

Warriors beat the Cavs both on the court and on social media!

The Golden State Warriors won an overtime thriller yesterday, defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers 108-100 to take Game 1 of the NBA Finals, but that wasn't their only victory of the night. Throughout this exciting game, the twitter world was buzzing, and we monitored all of the trending topics using our product, the NewzSocial Radar! The graph below displays the amount of twitter activity surrounding the NBA Finals over the past week by geographical location. As you can see, there was plenty of twitter activity in San Francisco (where the game was being played) compared to Cleveland and many … [Read more...]

Monitor the NBA Finals with NewzSocial Radar

Checkout the buzz across the US on the NBA finals in social media using NewzSocial Radar as your dashboard. * See where the most active discussions about the NBA finals are occurring in the US in a geographic "heat map" format * Discover trending keywords that are most frequently used around the topic of the NBA finals * See the latest news articles about the NBA finals from multiple sources To access the NewzSocial Radar for the NBA finals, goto … [Read more...]

Women In Technology International (WITI) partners with NewzSocial for Social Media Marketing

Women In Technology International (WITI) has partnered with NewzSocial, a Social Media Marketing platform company for their Annual Summit, May 31-June 2, 2015. The WITI Summit is the yearly gathering of tech-savvy women, held in San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley. Executive women, entrepreneurs, and technology thought leaders from around the world converge to collaborate at the WITI Summit to network and help each other succeed. About 60 speakers and over 1000 attendees are expected to attend this exciting event. The hashtag #Womenroar is being used along with #WITISummit2015 to … [Read more...]