Entrepreneurship, counter-terrorism and ending child slavery

Last weekend, I attended the TIE Conference where over 4,000 people gathered to get an annual intravenous knowledge infusion about entrepreneurship. I was there because NewzSocial powered the social media large screen for the conference and amplified content about the conference through scores of social media ambassadors. I was impressed by how the organizers of this conference took a much broader view of entrepreneurship than just the stereotypical "starting a small business in a garage", and instead looked at the entrepreneurial mindset which is applicable across many broad domains. Two … [Read more...]

Day 2 of TiE Conference!

Saturday, 7 May 2016 – Hello there! I am a Singaporean student currently interning in a start-up. I attended a 2-day entrepreneurship conference, TiEcon 2016, and would like to share with everyone my experience and some things I learnt from the conference. The second day of TiE Conference offered 4 different tracks - Destination India, Entrepreneurship, TiE Youth and the fourth track covered 4 topics, namely Trending Technologies, Digital Marketing, Machine Learning and FinTech. For me, the most memorable session for the day was the sharing done by the President of SanDisk Co., S … [Read more...]

Day 1 at TieCon!

I am a Singapore Student from Ngee Ann Polytechnic undergoing an internship. My school has attached me to the company to understand better about entrepreneurship and social media marketing. To gain more exposure about successful entrepreneurs, my school has sent me to attend the largest two-day conference in fostering entrepreneurship, TiEcon. My two-day experience at TiEcon was incredible, especially hearing how huge companies such as Sandisk and Infosys talk about the journey their company went through in order to be the successful companies they are today. One of the highlights at … [Read more...]