ROI. The Holy Grail of Social Media Marketing

  Metrics are important. Return-On-Investment (ROI) measures the amount of return on an investment relative to the investment's cost. Cost refers to a unit of money, time, resource or a combination of the above. However, social media measurement can be a bit of a puzzle. How does one go about measuring the ROI on social media marketing activities? Imagine this common scenario: Your B2B company has a social media team. You have invested in cool & useful tools for social media management. The team has planned the social media strategy based on research into the target … [Read more...]

Rocking Red Carpets with Social Media

The first known reference to a red carpet ceremony occurred, according to Wikipedia, in 458 BC in the play Agamemnon by Aeschylus. Since then, it has become synonymous with welcoming VIPs at important events, from royalty to movie stars. Last week, I was fortunate enough to see firsthand how this 2,500 year-old tradition could combine with the latest in 2015’s social media technology for great effect. Our company, NewzSocial, teamed up with the organizers of the Festival of Globe movie festival to promote its activities using a team of over 30 social media ambassadors. In the days … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing of Festival of Globe (FOG) Event

The Festival of Globe (FOG) event, one of the prominent cultural events in the bay area, CA recently took place in Silicon Valley from August 7- 16, 2015, with over 10,500 people in attendance. The event included global movie screenings, Red carpet event, Festival of Globe Award night, cultural fair, parade, and much fun and festive activity throughout the duration of the event. This year, there were celebrities from India, China, Vietnam, Mexico, Iran, Vietnam, and many other countries across the globe. The street fair and parade in Fremont, CA featured art & craft … [Read more...]

IIT Global Leadership Conference (IITGLC) 2015 and Social Media Marketing

The IITGLC conference, one of the prominent conferences for professionals globally, recently took place in Silicon Valley from July 23- July 25, 2015, with over 2000 people in attendance. The location of the conference was Santa Clara Conventional Center in Silicon Valley and the theme chosen was “The Internet of People”. This year, there were over 100 prominent speakers, delivering thought leadership on a diversity of topics. Keynote speeches were from investment gurus such as Vinod Khosla, successful entrepreneurs of the like of Elizabeth Holmes, and CEO’s of prominent companies such … [Read more...]

Increase Your Online Presence with Hashtags (2)

#Hashtags- they are everywhere. You see them all over social media and the web. From Facebook to Twitter, hashtags are an integral part of the social media landscape. What is a hashtag? A hashtag is a social media tagging system that organizes content by creating a link that makes it easier to find and follow a conversation about that topic by adding the “#” symbol in front of the topic without any spacing. Why use hashtags? Hashtags play a significant role in social media marketing, therefore you have to use hashtagging strategically, as it can very well differentiate a successful social … [Read more...]

Why do Presidential Candidates Overlook LinkedIn ?

With the exception of Jeb Bush, none of the Republican Presidential candidates have a LinkedIn page to promote their candidacy for the office of President of the United States.  Of the top 15 candidates on the Republican side surveyed, most have dedicated  Twitter handles and Facebook pages in support of their presidential campaigns. Several have a variety of other social media properties like Google+, Youtube channels and Instagram accounts but none leverage LinkedIn – except Jeb Bush.  Even Governor Bush’s LinkedIn page only has 4,030 followers. The two main candidates on the Democratic … [Read more...]

Introducing earned, paid and owned media into your digital marketing strategy

(IMG Source) Many a times, companies ask questions such as, “Should I use paid, owned or earned media for my digital marketing efforts?” and “Which is the best channel to use for my business?” Paid, owned and earned media contribute to a digital marketing strategy in different ways, but one thing is for certain – a balanced digital marketing mix is important. An understanding of these different types of media is important for the success of your digital marketing strategy. Paid media Paid media is a channel in which you pay to display your promotional content. Examples include advertising … [Read more...]

New Social Media Technology

Social media brands have to be on their toes staying up-to-date with the latest developments and strategically investing resources into technology trends that are likely to be embraced by the customer. 5 new trends in social media technology for 2015-2016 are: Social Media Commerce- SCommerce A budding trend is to link social media and eCommerce, allowing users to purchase on networking sites. This seems logical enough with the massive growth in both social media and eCommerce. One would assume that a collaborative effort between the two industries can yield very positive results for … [Read more...]

Social Media for Business to Business Companies

The value of using social media for business to business (B2B) companies has not always been understood, and it has been hard for them to fully exploit the power of social media for their benefit. Social media marketing is viewed to be more applicable to business to consumer (B2C) companies as oppose to B2B companies. However social media marketing is becoming one of the most effective ways for B2B companies to market online. Here are some ways your B2B Company can use social media. For business networking and development Social media is a great way to start and grow your … [Read more...]

Social Media for Business Benefits

Many areas of a business’s growth and success can be accelerated with social media when integrated to a company’s marketing efforts. However, some businesses still do not see the need for social media integration as they are not convinced of the benefits. Below are 5 social media marketing advantages that will change your mind. Better understanding of your consumers. Social media provides a valuable channel to learn more about your consumers via social listening. You are able to gather valuable insights on how they behave and what they are interested in. You can then apply this … [Read more...]