9 Best Practices in Social Outbound Marketing Campaigns: Becoming a Master Puppeteer

Can a social media marketer learn from a master puppeteer? I think so. A master puppeteer steers his puppets to captivate the audience while communicating a story. A marketer can use social media in a similar fashion to engage and possibly enthrall the audience. It would help the social media marketer to adopt some best practices in “outbound social media campaigns” to get better engagement. For a start, here’s a list of 9 best practices that I think are worthwhile. 1. Always begin with the end in mind. Remember Stephen Covey and “The 7 habits of highly effective people”? This is habit … [Read more...]

Human touch is critical in social media engagement

Social media is a visceral, human, personal medium In social media, people contribute, create and comment... not just read or listen. From a marketing perspective, it's a "pull" environment where people vote on (engage with) what they find interesting. To that end, social media marketers can only be successful if they participate on the same level, executing on the focus of providing value to specific audiences. The result of those efforts should be measured by the "echo" evoked. Instead of impressions and number of followers, success should be measured by response to the contributions... the  … [Read more...]

The Power of Social Media Ambassadors for Events

Peter Drucker once said "the purpose of business is to create and keep a customer".   For someone organizing an event, you could apply the same logic and say that "the purpose of an event is to create and engage an audience".  Social media is an extremely effective tool for this purpose, yet many businesses are only in the earliest stages of learning to leverage.  At NewzSocial, we are working with a set of customers who are blazing a new trail of ways to "create and engage" audiences using social media on a much wider scale around their events. One example is the South Asian Heart Center, a … [Read more...]

Outbound Social Media Marketing Explained

Anand Jagannathan describes NewzSocial. Yesterdays approach to building a social presence and listening to conversations is outdated. Today, marketers need to understand how to reach and engage social audiences. Beyond "Paid" media strategies to achieve this objective, NewzSocial has created a campaign based platform that brings together content, replicable process and scaled social distribution to achieve a "Earned" engagement at scale.   We call this Outbound Social Media Marketing … [Read more...]

The power of the consumer, and that of the marketer.

"I rarely surf and mainly search." Sounds familiar? Sounds like you when you are on the Internet? Well, you're not alone. This quote was shared by Lynda Kate Smith, CMO of Twilio, in a marketing class where she lectured on the topic of social media marketing. The quote is extracted from a longer one by Paul Gillin which he uses to describe customers online behaviour in reaction to marketing tactics on both traditional and online mediums. Here's the full (long) quote: “Hear me marketers for I am your worst nightmare. Although I could be your best friend. Over the past year, I have alm … [Read more...]

We executed perfectly. How did we lose this deal?

In my previous posts I introduced my definition of a value proposition and the three tests it must meet to be successful. I discussed how we have figured out the first two and are working on substantiate now. The real world test of your value proposition is in deals however. So how are we doing with our sales execution and our value proposition? I am going to describe a couple deals we have been actively engaged with, what our sales strategy has been and our value proposition for the specific clients. I will then compare the similar circumstances in both and how one deal worked and the … [Read more...]

How NewzSocial Aligns with Social Media Best Practices in the Industry

Recent surveys on Social Media “ Best Practices” have revealed a list of practices in small, medium, and large companies. NewzSocial’s “Social Media Outbound Campaign” software has inherent features that support several of these practices. Outlined below are 11 prominent industry best practices and NewzSocial’s alignment with them. Best Practice #1: Control the content. NewzSocial’s Admin Tool serves as a compliance mechanism, enabling the administrator to “Review” and “Edit” content prior to it posting on social media networks. Best Practice #2: More is not better. Try and post relev … [Read more...]

Value Propositions that work.

In my previous post I introduced the three tests of a value proposition.  In this post, I will share part of the journey we have taken at NewzSocial in our goal to find a value proposition that will resonate, differentiate and substantiate our offerings. My definition of a value proposition is “a statement that describes the benefit a client receives from your product and/or service”.  It must meet three tests:  1.       Does it “resonate”?  Prospects WANT / NEED what you are selling. 2.       Does it “differentiate”? Prospects see you as the only vendor that can do what you do. 3.  … [Read more...]

All of The Real Marketing Happens on Social Media

I was reading about the Roman Empire from my daughter’s 6th grade history book, helping her prepare for a test, when I had an epiphany! Let me share it with you. When the Roman Empire was at its peak and a lot of construction was going on in public sector e.g. building of long roads, this saying became very famous: “All roads lead to Rome.” Being in the marketing profession for a while now, it got me thinking, “Hmm? This relates very well to marketing given today’s socially savvy consumer; “All marketing happens on Social Media.” Since the beginning of time, “word-of-mouth” has been the most … [Read more...]

Thanks for the sales advice. Let’s see you do it.

This is my first blog post for NewzSocial .  In this post I will be telling you a bit about myself, my style of writing, talk about some influences and then introduce my next post topic – Value Propositions. I will also end my posts with a recommendation and an “ask”. While I will be writing about selling at NewzSocial, I will also be drawing on my sales experiences from the past 25 years.  My intent is to educate and entertain anyone that cares to hear what my view is on selling and sales.  I will be writing from the point of view of a sales guy and sales leader. I have been CEO of my own s … [Read more...]